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Welcome to Structural Composites Industries (SCI) website for fire, safety & industrial breathing air professionals. If you're seeking an opportunity to improve quality, durability and longevity of your Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) cylinders, or if your budgets have been hit hard by premature cylinder attrition and the high cost of replacements, or if you simply want to improve the performance of your SCBA, RIT/RIC, Cascade or CAFS cylinders.....you've come to the right place.

Don’t be fooled, SCI cylinders are the highest quality cylinders on the market and were the first composite cylinders to receive Department of Transportation (DOT) approval. SCI cylinders were the first SCBA cylinder to be part of NIOSH’s approval of SCBA systems and continue to be approved through virtually every SCBA manufacturers products sold in North America. The only difference between cylinders sold directly by SCI and those sold by Respirator Manufacturers is the label! SCI cylinders are The Originals, not “knock offs” as some would lead you to believe!

The bottom line is this: SCI will save you 30% to 60% on the cost of Spare & Replacement SCBA cylinders. Purchasing SCI cylinders will also enable you to improve the quality, longevity and identification properties of SCBA cylinders. SCI is the first and only composite cylinder manufacturer providing 30 Year Life cylinders for use on SCBA sold in the USA. Stop paying higher prices for commodity cylinders that are lower quality.....isn't it time you had the best from SCI?

Structural Composites Industries became the world’s first producer of DOT approved composite cylinders for municipal, commercial, military, marine and aerospace applications. SCI has a safety record no other manufacturer can match and is the world's most advanced manufacturer of composite cylinders. With no field service failures, SCI maintains the absolute best safety record of any composite cylinder manufacturer today. In addition, SCI is the only ISO9001 – AS9100 certified Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) cylinder manufacturer in the USA.

With more cylinders in use in the field than any other manufacturer worldwide, SCI leads the way in providing DOT, TC and other worldwide approved cylinders for deployment in SCBA of all kinds. Utilizing our own dealer network and through efficiencies in our manufacturing process, SCI is able to offer substantial savings when compared to Respirator Manufactures established list prices. Additionally, SCI is advancing Fire Service technology by introducing products never before available. Our DURA-LITE 15™ cylinders significantly improve exterior durability and longevity. SCI's latest product innovation is an exclusive 30 Year Life SCBA cylinder.

Isn’t it time you contacted SCI for a quote? For a fully review SCI’s exclusive money saving cylinder products, simply click on the products page to the left under Products. Why spend more money than necessary, the money you save will be yours to keep.

SCBA Fast Facts


SCI is the only cylinder manufacturer offering 30 Year Life & DURA-LITE 15™ cylinders are uniquely formulated with a highly durable exterior coating that substantially improves abrasions and impact resistance to reduce premature cylinder attrition.

D.O.T Approved

SCI is the first composite cylinder manufacturers to receive D.O.T approval for SCBA cylinders.

Industry Leader

SCI has manufactured over 3 million units without a field service failure.

Huge Saving

Through SCI's dealer network, Fire Departments will save substantially, using the money saved for other worthwhile initiatives.

Superior Quality

DURA-LITE 15™ cylinders are manufactured with a uniquely formulated, highly durable, exterior coating that substantially improves abrasions and impact resistance to reduce premature cylinder attrition.