SCI Fire Safety & Home Security

Every American appreciates one of our core values – freedom. But in this day and age, we are living in insecure times when people are committing crimes by fire, intrusion or bodily harm. Do you want some crazy person taking away your freedom because of some vendetta they have?

We’re guessing not. And that’s what SCI was founded on – protecting the freedom to enjoy your life. We do that 2 ways …

Fire Safety

The program for Fire Safety at SCI encompasses products, inspection, maintenance of safety equipment, training, fire drills, accident and injury investigation, emergency response and compliance with fire and related building code violations.

In the United States, research shows cooking is the main cause of home fires. Frequently people leave things on the stove and forget they are on when they go to bed.

Waking up to smoke and flames is one of the worst things that can happen to your family and home.  Over 365,000 fires and 2,650 civilian deaths  occur every year, resulting in $7 billion in property damage. The worst part is that most home fires are preventable.

The Fire code in the United States (also Fire prevention code or Fire safety code ) is a model code adopted by the state or local jurisdiction and enforced by Fire prevention officers within municipal Fire departments.

The fire code also addresses inspection and maintenance requirements of various fire protection equipment in order to maintain optimal active fire protection and passive fire protection measures.

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your family against fire is to install smoke alarms and keep them in good working order.

To help with that, the Red Cross is joining with fire departments and community groups nationwide to install smoke alarms in neighborhoods at greatest risk for home fires and engage youth in fire education and prevention efforts. Or you can check with your fire department to see if they give out and install free smoke alarms.

Check with your fire department to see if they give out and install free smoke alarms.

The National Fire Protection Association indicates that 71% of Americans have a home Fire escape plan but only 47% have practiced it.

Everyone – even children – need to know your family escape plan in case of a fire. Keep your family and your home safe with just a little fire safety preparation and prevention and a few products from SCI Fire Safety and Home Security.

Home Security

Did you know that 95% of break-ins require some type of forceful entry (breaking a window, lock picking, kicking in doors). That’s why burglars are attracted to homes lacking home security systems.

With security products from SCI, customers will get basic motion detection and can opt for Smart Home features as well as video surveillance based on the package they choose.

There are DIY kits you can install yourself, professionally installed systems that promise to automate your whole home, and standalone gadgets like video doorbells, as well.

In years past, a service provider would send a technician to your home to install a big metal box in your closet, connect it to your land line, and run wired sensors to all your doors and windows. That is no longer needed.

We show each system with details for security essentials, security add-ons, smart home add-ons, ease of use, ease of setup, motion detection, and video quality of Security Cameras.

Our top system is one of the best security systems available today, with customizable alarm triggers and consistent monitoring response times.

If you have any questions about which system is the best fit for you, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.